Life is funny. One day you are running a restaurant you own, and the next day you are lying in a hospital bed after your third back surgery wondering what is next. Then not too long after that, you are flying around the world consulting businesses, and the next day you are lying in a hospital bed on an I.V. being tested for five types of cancer. Three years after that, you are sending your novel off to an agent to find a publisher and performing live with your new band.

What comes next?

I don’t know, but it has been a wild ride so far.

I am a candidate for my MFA in Writing at the University of Nebraska, I am in a band called Bazile Mills, and I am hanging in there, living, breathing, and upright. I’ve learned to find the positives in the situations presented, even the hardest ones, and it has served me well. My two kids are both at the point of leaving the nest, and I am recalibrating my life at the same time they are trying to start theirs. And this makes it pretty exciting.

I am taking in all I can like a kid in an ice cream store, because when you go through something like I have, you tend to see the fragility of life a little more clearly and with a little more focus. This has also served me well.

If you would like to contact me, you can email me at:


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