Sports and Us

Remember when sports were fun? Like throwing the pigskin around in the front yard with your dad or kicking the soccer ball with mom or playing H.O.R.S.E. or bumping the volleyball, and how it meant the world to you to spend that time with them. Sometimes, the most important conversations you had about life wereContinue reading “Sports and Us”

So hard work and grit bring success? You don’t say…

Self-motivation and the Courage to fail are keys to success I love the word gritty. Great word. Or grittier, grittiness, grittiest, grittylicious. I love my literature gritty, my sports heroes, my movies, my favorite historical leaders, my preferred works of art, my bars, and my women. This tendency or allure is probably because I have also livedContinue reading “So hard work and grit bring success? You don’t say…”