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The Human Spirit (Monks. What are ya gonna do…)

I suppose that most people rely on the fact that there is a “god” or a “universe” and I don’t really care what you want to call it; I just want us to realize that regardless of that belief behind our existence, it is the HUMAN SPIRIT that drives the world for better or worse.

Music for the soul

Being sick and getting woozy, or feeling like I can faint from too much activity, keeps me from “jamming” much these days. But last night, a couple of friends came by with their musical talents and abilities, and the Wind Cried Mary. Or someone was crying- maybe it was the neighbors because it was so awful. But I…

Where have all the real pop stars gone?

What’s going on? Where are all the pop stars? I’m not talking about the ones you think I am. “POP” quiz 1. Who is your favorite contemporary scientist? 2. Who is your favorite contemporary literary writer? 3. Who is your favorite contemporary painter? 4. Who is your favorite contemporary sculptor? 6. Who is your favorite…