Owning your own business takes passion…

…but make sure it is for the right parts.

You have probably heard the phrase, “Make the business work for you, not the other way around.” That is a nice saying. What, with eleven words and all, a comma, and even a period. But the reality is, sometimes your passion means having to work incredibly hard with hours that are unbearable, pay that is next to nothing, and with a family at home you used to know. And that is why when I am asked for advice on starting up a business, or even buying a business, I need to hear certain things before I can sign off on it. Having owned a couple restaurants and bars plus having consulted with hundreds of small businesses in home-care, I have learned a great deal about when it is right to make the move into self-employment and an entrepreneurial world.

A short time ago, a friend asked me to meet for coffee. He wanted to discuss my thoughts on him buying a business or franchising one. I knew he had some specific loves of his life and was excited to hear what he wanted to do. After half a cup of the java it was clear he was thinking like most people do when it comes to this moment; poorly. I asked him what he had in his head and his response was, “Well, I really like this [coffee house] and was thinking of buying a franchise.” Continue reading “Owning your own business takes passion…”

Well, well, well. 1st Entry

A journey can only be a journey when there is motion -existential or kinetic- and it is the dynamic I want for this blog; to turn the wheels. I want to make this place an honest look at the human experience through what I hope is a unique perspective of having owned two restaurants, served as an International Franchise Business Consultant, knocked it around for years as a songwriter/musician, slogged it as a father and husband, and gave it my all as a writer. I am also fighting an illness that has been with me for two years and has changed my life in countless ways. One of those changes has been to get my MFA in Writing. I am excited to reinvent myself as you can probably tell, but it makes it difficult when you spend as much time as I do in bed. But no excuses…   Continue reading “Well, well, well. 1st Entry”

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