Say “Yes”

First; the good news. I have not been sick since the week of the Super Bowl, also known as the first week of February (someone grab a cross, an ace of spades, a Kippah, a lock of Lindsay Lohan’s hair, and some wood to knock on). Quick confession: except the couple times I drank too much andContinue reading “Say “Yes””

Let’s talk privately a minute about Mental Health

I am going to open up here and talk about my battle with the mental and psychosomatic side of this illness. Why? I’ve been bothered for many years by the culture we have created around mental health and the defined deviance we’ve labeled it through our behaviors as people and community. And now I canContinue reading “Let’s talk privately a minute about Mental Health”

What’s the matter? Oral surgeon got your tongue… in a jar next to you?

OK – I need to go back to this illness. I had one of my worst days with this damn thing yesterday. I woke up sick as hell, and then had to go in for a tongue biopsy at 1030. My wife had a crazy morning scheduled and the biopsy was scheduled just last week,Continue reading “What’s the matter? Oral surgeon got your tongue… in a jar next to you?”

I need more Time- Part Deux

OK, well, now that I have depressed everyone… I wasn’t planning on writing a second part to the illness story, but with such a reaction, I feel like I need to clear up a few points and expound on some others. Since the last post, I have received a number of calls and emails ofContinue reading “I need more Time- Part Deux”