What was the Score?

I watched as my daughter stopped and stood in front of the audience at the Holland Center so they could announce her full given name and she could receive her high school diploma. And here is what I thought to myself as I did: Life. You son of a bitch.  Maybe we as parents give ourselves more credit than we deserve. AllContinue reading “What was the Score?”

Space and Time

The above quote is from David Foster Wallace’s 2005 Commencement Speech now famously referred to as This is Water. The video clip is from ‘I ❤ Huckabees.’ Fantastic scene.  Who the hell knows really, when or what is going on as what we term ‘time’ or ‘space’ seem to move or change during this energy flow weContinue reading “Space and Time”

“Santa doesn’t ride a bike?”

There may not be a more up and down experience than parenting. The pride felt in a parent’s heart when their offspring scores an A on that test, makes the winning basket, works really hard to learn trumpet, or on the other side- the wonderment at the sneaking out at 230 am, or the throwingContinue reading ““Santa doesn’t ride a bike?””