Travels with Charley

This guy Steinbeck. In 1960, he takes his dog, a Standard Poodle named Charley, loads up the specially crafted camper he calls Rocinante and heads out to “Discover the America he has made his living writing about.” “I need to do that!” I said to myself. Truthfully, I have been wanting to do it since the crash of late 2011.

Say “Yes”

First; the good news. I have not been sick since the week of the Super Bowl, also known as the first week of February (someone grab a cross, an ace of spades, a Kippah, a lock of Lindsay Lohan’s hair, and some wood to knock on). Quick confession: except the couple times I drank too much andContinue reading “Say “Yes””

Where have all the real pop stars gone?

What’s going on? Where are all the pop stars? I’m not talking about the ones you think I am. “POP” quiz 1. Who is your favorite contemporary scientist? 2. Who is your favorite contemporary literary writer? 3. Who is your favorite contemporary painter? 4. Who is your favorite contemporary sculptor? 6. Who is your favoriteContinue reading “Where have all the real pop stars gone?”


One of my favorite books is Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon. It was a difficult read with lots going on, but the reason I was immediately gripped by it was because of the circumstances Pynchon put the story in. The setting was England, 1942. Pynchon made for wicked metaphors out of science with thermodynamics ofContinue reading “V2”

Plus ça change…

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chos… The above saying is French for the more things change, the more they stay the same. And as an adage, it is often shortened simply to; plus ça change… Although I suspect you have to don a black turtleneck and take a drag of your cigarette right before you sayContinue reading “Plus ça change…”

Writing a novel is like starting a business (Hint- it’s hard)

I love it when people say, “Yeah, I need to write my book.” Oh, I love it. Makes me feel, I don’t know, happy in an evil sort of way yet sad, because they probably will and it will become a bestseller.

I need more time – Part One

Going through this illness has been mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting for not just me, but my entire family. I am sure my friends, colleagues, and extended family grow tired of asking “How ya Feeling?” every time they see me, hence, the name of this blog. I know I get tired of them asking it.Continue reading “I need more time – Part One”

Well, well, well. 1st Entry

A journey can only be a journey when there is motion -existential or kinetic- and it is the dynamic I want for this blog; to turn the wheels. I want to make this place an honest look at the human experience through what I hope is a unique perspective of having owned two restaurants, servedContinue reading “Well, well, well. 1st Entry”